eCommerce Business Infrastructure

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Adaptive Solutions Tailored to Your Business

With so many factors to consider in selecting and building your ideal e-commerce solution, especially from the ground up or with limited resources, it can seem like a daunting task. Even more so when there are multiple global markets to consider. Your requirements are unique, growing and changing, and we understand that.

The team at ModusLink can be relied upon to design and execute global, end-to-end e-commerce solutions that are seamlessly integrated with proven supply chain, fulfillment and payment services. The result? Truly adaptive Digital Commerce on a global scale that effectively drives business growth, reduces operational costs and enhances the customer brand experience.

Consultancy with Your Goals in Mind

Maybe you’re thinking about going global and need a bit of guidance in getting started. Maybe you’ve been selling online for years and your business has grown, but your commerce platform hasn’t grown with you. Maybe your business is somewhere in-between. No matter the stage you’re at, our consultative approach ensures that the commerce infrastructure implemented is right for your business, now and in the future.

Our internationally operable e-commerce team is on hand to help at every stage, from selection of the right commerce solution to implementing the backend processes to getting it online quickly and efficiently. Whether we integrate with all or just a selection of your commerce operations, our solutions are built with your business goals in mind — reaching new markets, optimizing order processing and customer service, reducing costs and increasing margins — all without having to invest in your own infrastructure and personnel.

We’ve streamlined the process of integrating digital into business, so you can hit the ground running.

Trusted Partner Solutions

By leveraging our trusted partnerships, integrated technologies and broad e-commerce capabilities, you’ll be poised to meet your revenue goals, drive growth and build your brand across channels around the globe.

No matter which ModusLink Digital Commerce platform you choose, you’ll get a robust, trusted end-to-end solution that delivers:

  • Multi-site & geo-targeted content for truly localized shopping experiences
  • Regionalized Currency – ModusLink’s established global presence connects you to over 250 acquirers and payment methods for higher sales conversion
  • Configurable promotional and merchandizing tools
  • Singular Customer View that enables you to maximize lifetime value
  • Financial Management to ease your tax and compliance concerns
  • Order management, fulfillment and complete pre- and post-sale customer support

And if you need help in growing and managing your commerce internationally once you’re up and running, we can do that too.

ModusLink’s Digital Commerce solutions are integrated with its end-to-end supply chain and payment capabilities, making it the most robust and agile e-commerce solution in the industry.

A Commercial Approach to Your Day-to-Day Operations

Separate to the technical aspects of building your platform, e-commerce trading is the day to day business activities that ensure your store store is fully operational. Using a commercial approach to steering these operations, ModusLink provides the full range of support functions from an experienced team that is focused on making your e-commerce business is best in class.

Whether you require support in getting started, need to outsource your team entirely, or something in-between, our goal is to work closely with your business to apply proven trading processes that will optimize your store’s conversion and performance.

Our eCommerce Trading Support Service

  • eCommerce operations set-up and management
  • Catalog & Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Management of pricing, promotions and web content
  • Process development and ongoing management
  • Operational reporting
  • Full or partial team support and outsourcing