Enhanced Payment Services

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Global Expansion Without the Financial Complexities

ModusLink’s Enhanced Payment Services help merchants expand their global footprint and find new opportunities by tackling country and industry-specific payment challenges, helping companies grow as their eCommerce strategy evolves.

The advantage we offer goes beyond payment transaction basics to include robust financial management capabilities that are fully integrated with eCommerce and supply chain processes for an optimized approach to global expansion. Whether your customers are businesses (B2B), direct consumers (D2C) or both, ModusLink’s Enhanced Payment Services support comprehensive, tailored online channel strategies with proven eCommerce processes.

The ModusLink Advantage:

Securely Manage Tax and Compliance

Our vast experience in managing complex tax structures removes that burden from your operations. We fully cover all EU country’s VAT, indirect tax models, import/export taxing and reporting, Intrastat reporting and support for regulatory or industry body compliance such as the European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE).

Comprehensive Fraud Protection

Our platform can deliver more than 120 risk checks, including tokenization for recurring payments. These are adjustable to each client’s specific needs to ensure strong protection against fraud and charge backs.

Financial Service Models for B2B and B2C

We offer multiple corporate finance services, including general ledger, accounts receivable and purchase order management, credit and collections, e-invoicing, revenue recognition support and comprehensive statutory reporting.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Our worldwide SAP-based infrastructure allows for a seamless link into your corporate ERP strategy and a clear, single view of your business.

Transaction Services

Meeting customer demands and preferences for eCommerce payments on a global scale can become a very complex process. Fortunately, ModusLink’s Transaction Services simplifies this for you by offering tailored services you can rely on.

  • Local payment methods, globally
  • Merchant of Record services
  • e-Invoicing
  • Charge back and refund handling
  • Debt collection and reconciliation
  • Tax management
  • Fraud protection

By removing your administrative burdens and transferring regulatory requirements to ModusLink, we reduce your compliance obligations in regard to PCI, SOX, SSA16, and export regulation. And with our solutions, you maintain customer visibility and ownership, while optimizing behind-the-scenes financial operations. As a result, your customers receive the commerce experience they expect and your revenues increase because cart abandonment is reduced and conversion rates are maximized.

Fraud Management

With access to over 250 global and localized payment acquirers, we have become experts in assuming liability on behalf of our clients and protecting their brand reputation. Fraudulent activities and trends change by geographical regions throughout the globe and, with that in mind, we offer a sophisticated, comprehensive risk management solutions.

Our Fraud Management Service

  • Full compliance with the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standard
  • Sophisticated risk management – more than 120 risk checks available
  • Customized monitoring with automatic alerts to aid immediate response when needed
  • Branding support and payment page optimization that fosters customer trust
  • Detailed and customizable real-time reporting with easy payment reconciliation
  • Business intelligence to analyze and report data that is fundamental to control risk and drive business according to your strategy
Our comprehensive suite of solutions allows you to easily scale your online sales channel while maintaining consistency and control.