Digital Marketing Services

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Data-driven Marketing that Delivers Commercially

We understand the importance of marketing activities in driving customers to your website so they can buy. Getting the right customers there is equally important, and data is the key.

ModusLink’s digital marketing experts can quickly develop data-led programs that support a fully integrated digital marketing strategy. By driving quality traffic to your site, delivering an exceptional customer experience and tracking it all we enable a culture of continuous improvement as your business and its customers’ needs evolve.

Search Engine Marketing

Focussing on your unique business needs, ModusLink takes a consultative approach to developing bespoke Pay Per Click (PPC), Display marketing and Retargeting programs that perform commercially.

Our goal is to deliver evidenced results so you can be confident your marketing dollars are well spent.

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Affiliate Management

In Affiliate Marketing, when we talk about paying for performance, we mean paying for sales. As one of the few digital marketing programs of this kind, it can be one of your more lucrative marketing channels when managed effectively.

That said, affiliate relationships require nurturing in order to perform well. With extensive experience in this area, ModusLink’s team is available to advise on selecting the right partners for your business and to apply strategies for success throughout the relationship.

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Social Media Management

Social has become an integral part of the wider marketing mix and, as such, its performance should be tracked and measured so it can be optimized over time. This not only means generating sales, but also building brand awareness and engagement with audiences that are likely to become customers.

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Data and Analytics

To gain deeper understanding of the behavior of your customers, and to make sound business decisions for them and you, you need good data. In order to have good data, you need reliable tracking. And you need the expertise to bring it all together.

ModusLink’s Data & Analytics team understands the importance of data and the insights that can be found from it. With a holistic approach, we ensure your tracking is working correctly so your data is reliable and tells a story that’s meaningful and actionable in moving your business forward.

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Email Campaign Management

Email as a marketing tool has been around since the dawn of the internet, and is often one of the most effective channels for connecting directly with your customers. As such, keeping your program fresh, relevant and timely is key to maintaining those relationships and retaining customers.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Even small changes to your customer’s online experience can lead to big improvements to your overall conversion rate, and positively impact turnover, acquisition and retention of your customer base.At ModusLink, we take an experienced, detailed, data-led view of your entire online architecture to identify the adjustments required to make those big improvements.

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Marketing Support Service

Whether it’s optimizing your merchandising and promotions, day to day management of your marketing operations or building a fully integrated digital marketing strategy, ModusLink offers a complete consultancy service to help manage and grow your online business globally.

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